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/5 on November 28, 2015

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DaVinci Willow Crib Mattress Review

This Crib Mattress is a comfortable one and great for the babies and a mattress with no chemical smell. If your family size and household is like one of mine, you and all the family members will feel better with the DaVinci Willow Crib Mattress Universal. We had purchased the cheaper non-organic coil mattress when my babies were born and the mattress wore through quickly. So this term I bought the DaVinci Willow Crib Mattress Universal Mattress for my family use. I made a research on the crib mattress avail in the market before purchasing the new one. After analyzing the features collected I found the mattress an outstanding one in respect of construction, comfort and price. I like the mattress very much and want to share the research finding with you.

Environment-friendly Mattress

The most remarkable feature of the DaVinci Crib Mattress is that it is environmentally friendly. The Mattress made from the coconut palm crib that is totally natural. It is also an organic and not treated with chemicals. The mattress crafted by coconut palm fiber, latex free foam and pure cotton and the double sided willow are naturally allergen-free.

Excellent Craftsmanship

The extraordinary craftsmanship is another significant characteristic of the this mattress. The construction of the mattress is very good that is with a soft cover and tough stitching.  It also carefully engineered and balanced to be used any crib. In fact, the mattress is both suitable for you and your babies.

Features and Specifications

  • Natural & allergen-free coconut palm fiber is the key ingredient.
  • Pure Cotton & latex-free foam is also there
  • Fits universally
  • Both sides are well balanced to get properly utilized
  • Carefully crafted & engineered
  • Lead, TRIS, phthalates, adhesive & toxic flame retardants free
  • Construction is hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for ages and babies
  • Soft cover with well stitching
  • Organic & free of chemicals


Customer Reviews


The DaVinci Coconut Palm Crib Mattress is exclusively designed for healthy, safe and sleep well. It is also not an expensive, but Eco-friendly mattress. You will only feel happy with this mattress if you buy one for your family use.

I found 57 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the DaVinci Willow Crib Mattress Universal Fit Mattress 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on an average. Overall reviews are positive as well. One customer said, ‘Very strong glue smell doesn’t go away even after I have aired it for 2 months. I returned it without a second thought. Who would risk baby’s health to use it? The one star is for Amazon’s wonderful customer service, and nothing for the mattress.’

However, this seems not a widespread problem. Another customer said, ‘after a brief research, we chose this mattress. We liked the eco-friendly feature and the latex causes allergy problems in our family. This mattress is totally safe from latex. It is as described, excellent quality and a fair price. We are quite pleased with our purchase.’

That makes me very easy for me to recommend this Natural Coconut Palm Crib Mattress as well.


In summary, the DaVinci Willow Crib Mattress is a fantastic mattress suitably produced for all aged people. Well made and good construction most real buyers of the Davinci Willow Universal Crib Mattress are extremely pleased and they are happily recommending it to others.

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